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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Dnpcapstoneprojectwriters.us appreciates the importance of respecting the privacy of our clients. For this reason, it is our duty to safeguard your privacy while browsing our website and ordering any of your services. The contents of this page explain the type of information that we collect from users and clients, the procedures of collecting such information, and how we share and store it. By visiting this website and/or ordering any of our services, you agree to this privacy policy.

The type of personal information that we collect

We collect two broad types of personal information. The first type is personal identifiable information. Under this category, the type of content that we collect include: your email address, name and phone number, among others.

Why collect personal identifiable information?

This type of information helps us to accomplish several objects as highlighted below:

  • Offering our services
  • Contacting users of our services
  • Processing any claims or complaints
  • Completing transactions during the payment process
  • Verifying the identity of your clients and uses

The second category of information that we collect is non-personally identifiable information. The exact kind of information that we collect under this category include; the type of browser used to access our site, time taken on our site, the page visited, computer’s I.P address and geographical location that one is browsing from.

Why collect non-personally identifiable information?

Generally, non-personally identifiable information helps us to improve the user’s experience on our website. Moreover over, such information helps us to:

  • Know the services popular with our clients
  • Identify where our client base is located
  • Understand the general experience of our clients when interacting with our website
  • Be able to create well-targeted marketing campaigns, among others

Payment-related information

We do not store-payment related information. After making the payment, the information is automatically deleted.

Our payments are done through trusted global payment companies. When using such companies to pay for the ordered products, the privacy policy of the specific chosen company applies.

Sharing of personal information

We do not share our clients’ personal information unless with their written consent. However, there are some circumstances under which we can share it without their written consent as highlighted below:

  • When complying with a law. Where the law obligates to share clients’ personal information then we shall comply.
  • If any of our subsidiaries, partners or subcontractors require such information to fulfill an order.
  • If such data are in aggregate format. We may share clients’ personal information, if the data have been processed in such a manner that no specific client can be identified from the aggregated personal data.

Storing of personal information

We use cutting edge technology to store our clients’ information. This company reserves the right to store clients’ information as long as it deems necessary.

However, the clients/users reserve the right to request for deletion for their personal information.

Use of cookies

This company uses cookies and related technology to collect clients’ personal information. The client reserves the right to either accept or deny use of cookies and such like technologies when browsing our website.

Modification to this privacy policy

This company reserves the right to modify the contents of this privacy policy without prior notice to any user.